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Our Story

In 1981 Jan Christiansen left Copenhagen, Denmark and arrived in Houston, Texas with a vision to “establish a modern and contemporary furniture store that showcased high quality and innovative designs, but most importantly great customer service”. Over the past 30 years Danish Inspirations has more than exceeded Jan’s dream becoming synonymous with outstanding furniture from makers including Ekornes, Alf, Skovby, Jesper, and Mobican, just to name a few. You may have even heard our radio commercials featuring Jan’s friendly accented voice inviting you in for a look at today’s “furniture with a future”.
Jan is a hands-on leader and personally travels the world ensuring the products we offer meet the highest standards of function, quality, and design, and that our suppliers meet the highest standards of production and humanity. Jan’s philosophy is simple, if an item won’t make it in his home, it won’t make it to yours. Today Danish Inspirations of Houston is a fun and energetic atmosphere with highly motivated and informed sales associates ready to help you fulfill your expectations of the perfect home or office.

Meet our Team

We are passionate about design

Kathryn Bradley

Senior Designer

Harry Mendoza



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