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Shipping Instructions

To our valued customers:

Thank you for your recent purchase.  Please follow these instructions
upon receipt of your order:

  • Missing, dented, wet, damaged, scratched, dirty packaging or any
    other discrepancy has to be noted on the on the delivery receipt
    before the delivery driver leaves.  Failure to do so may cause
    carriers to deny claim.
  • Do not destroy any packaging materials.  The carrier reserves the
    right to do an onsite inspection.  Any item(s) being returned must
    be returned in the original carton/packaging.  Any deviation can
    cause rejection in claim compensation.
  • Please take pictures of the damaged item(s) immediately and
    contact your sales associate at 713-782-4911 for further
  • Damage or Shortages must be reported to your sales associate
  • Within 24 hours.  Call 713-782-4911.
  • If there is visible damage to the exterior packaging, please Hold the
    driver and inspect the item(s) carefully. Take pictures and note any
    damage on the delivery receipt.

Additional thoughts:

  • You must request authorization from a salesperson before
    returning any item.
  • All returned shipments must be shipped freight prepaid with prior
    written authorization and in original vendor’s boxes, packaging,
    etc., items are subject to inspection upon receipt and freight
    claims for loss or damage are the responsibility of the customer.